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“The postures or asanas of a yoga practice is good place to begin. As you practice, you find new ways to explore yourself and to live in your body so that you more easily connect to your instincts, intuitions, feelings, and insights.”

Donna Farhi – Yoga Mind, Body & Spirit

Gentle Yoga 

Yoga is only being offered as part of my private practice at this time.

Take a moment to find stillness and breathe. 


Gentle Yoga is... 

A slower pace infusing breath, stillness with movement and some fun. This class is for all levels as options and modifications are offered so you choose what works best for your body.

My yoga story begins in 2008 with wanting to reduce pain in my shoulders and neck. Once the pain subsided, I wanted to achieve certain advanced poses. It took me quite a few years to understand the poses were a portal into my inner awareness and my place of stillness and calm. I then let go of achieving a pose and let my body guide me to what it needed. One day I realized that I was taking yoga ‘off the mat”. To me this means, I noticed the relationship of holding a pose when I wanted to let go and staying engaged in a conversation when I wanted to walk away. I noticed using my breath to calm my mind and be more present while someone was sharing some difficult information.

I am thrilled to teach and offer you a place find stillness, breath, strength and flexibility and hopefully a few giggles!

The principles of my teaching style are to:

Remember, this is your practice. It is for you. Please move your body in its own way which means modify any pose to suit your needs. I celebrate the student who takes care of their body over following me exactly.

If you are unsure, or confused during class – pause, breathe, and wait for your inner guidance to tell you what your body needs.

I will offer specific instructions for a pose so you can keep your joints and muscles safe and injury free. Modifications are always provided and if I forget, please ask! You most likely will not be the only one wanting clarification.

I want you to have a full experience. I will often have intention cards to select before class, offer a lavender mist during Savasana, or play my Koshi chimes at the end of Savasana as a gentle way to return to our world.