Whole Heart Therapy

Pamela Boysen, LCSW             714 844-7282

Whole Heart Therapy   

Fear Less. Explore Self. Love More. 

The difference between counseling and coaching is:

  • Counseling provides an opportunity for clients to heal and grow through difficult challenges relating to a struggle with mental health issues or processing any level of trauma.
  • Coaching provides an opportunity to receive feedback, learn specific skills, and achieve goals.

Executive and Leadership Business Coaching Services

Pamela offers business coaching to executives and leaders and more typically as a contracted consultant with your company. When you receive her services as part of your employment, you will receive Personality Survey and 360 Feedback assessment results, an individual session to review and understand your results, guidance on developing your professional development plan for success, and coaching to assist you in meeting the goals of your personalized plan.


  • Coaching leaders since 2001
  • Organization Development consultant since 2004
  • Developed and facilitated a 9-month mid-level leadership development program for a large employee-owned engineering firm.
  • Certified with OutMatch ASSESS Personality Survey and 360 Feedback Assessments
  • Certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment facilitator
  • Certified Fierce Conversations Facilitator (Problem-Solving, Coaching, Delegation, Feedback, Conflict Resolution)
  • Certified facilitator of the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument on conflict management
  • Trained in non-violent communication principles